MWC participants may run on hunting skis on “Lyampiada”, March 17

March 17, the day of rest on MWC 2015. In this day athletes can participate in IX open Republican ski festival of Lampe, Lyzi, hunting and cross-country ski “Lyampiada”. It will take place in the village Bolshelug, Kortkeros District.


All interested MWC participants can try themselfs in the race for Lampe and Lyzi. The big cultural program with the participation of invited teams from cities and regions is planned also. The demonstration fo Biathlon on Lampe will also take place before awarding ceremony.

The “Lyampiada” programm:

  • 10.00 – opening ceremony of “Lyampiada”
  • 10.30 – the first cross-country ski races
  • 12.30 – races on Lampe
  • 16.00 – demonstration of Biathlon on Lampe
  • At the end of the competition – the award ceremony will take place.

Lampe – a wide hunting skis, lined with deer or elk hide, Lyzi – is the same as Lampe, but without tamping. Neither the one nor the other is no mechanical fasteners. Special shoes is not provided too. Boots or felt boots simply binded to the skis.

One of the mandatory conditions for participation in the race for Lampe is the presence of Koybedi – special stick, which the hunter checks snares and traps in snowdrifts.