Skier from Komi won Masters World Cup 2014 gold medal in relay

On January 29, Russian men’s team won first place of Masters World Cup relay in Austrian place Pillerseetal. One of the leg ran skier from the Komi Republic Igor Kuznetsov.

Skier from Komi won Masters World Cup 2014 gold medal in relay

Russian team was second on the 3 leg of the relay with a separation from Austria about 25 seconds, the delegate from Syktyvkar Vitaly Startsev told. But at the final 4-th leg our sportsman managed to win 15 seconds and to bring the gold medal to Russian team.

Igor Kuznetsov in Russian relay team

Earlier, on January 27, at a distance of 15 km free style Kuznetsov in the age group 45-49 years has brought the national team silver medal. At the same distance in their age categories distinguished two athletes from the Republic of Komi. The winner of this race in the age group 35-39 years became Andrew Melkov from Syktyvkar. Silver medalist in the category of 30-34 years became Vitaliy Borisov from Ukhta.

Andrew Melkov (on the left) and Igor Kuznetsov

On January 30 athletes will run a marathon of 45 km classical style. Alexander Rochev from Syktyvkar will participate in this race.

On January 31 our athletes will run a marathon free style.